Strat's 2.0 Karten - Have

Strat's 2.0 Karten - Have

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(* bedeutetet dass diese Karte nur/auch in der LE-Version vorhanden ist)

Folgende Karten kann ich anbieten:

Constructed Terrain

CT-001 Hedge Wall
CT-002 Fieldstone Wall
CT-008 Burlap Tent
CT-009 Wooden Archers Shield
CT-010 Metal Archer’s Shield
CT-012 Crude Archer’s Shield
CT-013 Wooden Screen
CT-014 Gilded Screen
CT-015 Rawhide Screen
CT-017A Stone Watchtower
CT-017B Stone Watchtower
CT-017C Stone Watchtower
CT-018A Wooden Watchtower
CT-018B Wooden Watchtower
CT-018C Wooden Watchtower
CT-019A Canvas Pavilion
CT-019B Canvas Pavilion
CT-019C Canvas Pavilion
CT-020A Rawhide Pavilion
CT-020B Rawhide Pavilion
CT-020C Rawhide Pavilion


D-001 Smoke and Fog
D-002 Darkness
D-003 Rain and Mud
D-004 Downpour
D-005 Erratic Winds
D-006 Storm Gale
D-007 Heat Wave
D-008 Cold Snap
D-009 Magestone Storm
D-010 Clear Skies
D-011 Border Town
D-012 Fen Swamp
D-013 Blasted Lands
D-014 Grasslands
D-015 Wylden Forest
D-016 River Valley
D-017 Mountain Pass
D-018 Haunted Graveyard
D-019 Magestone Strip Mine
D-020 Open Terrain
D-021 Earthquake
D-022 Wave of Water
D-023 Inferno
D-024 Ley Burn
D-025 Twister
D-027 Famine
D-028 Death
D-029 War
D-031 Tezla's Avatar
D-032 Tezla's Spirit
D-033 Dark Tezla
D-034 Tezla's Shade
D-035 Cause of Freedom
D-036 Code of the Raiders
D-037 Dragon Gods
D-038 Heirraman Gods
D-039 Lords of Apocalypse
D-040 Conviction
D-041 Citadel of Rokos
D-043 Kuttar Depths
D-044 City of Fairhaven
D-045 Vurgra Divide
D-046 Dragon's Gate
D-047 Wylden Deep
D-048 Stonekeep
D-049 Ley Drain
D-050 Time of Mists
D-051 Clouded Mind
D-052 Spell Stasis


R-001 Souldrinker
R-002 Galeshi Sunsword
R-005 Book of Lightning
R-006 Caeronn Luckblade
R-007 Treefell
R-009 Venthia’s Masque
R-012 Blade of Dominance
R-013 Sawtooth
R-017 Serpentfang
R-018 Blackheart
R-020 Oracular Codex
R-021 Enchanted Fuser Rifle
R-022 Stoneshatter
R-023 Marrowdrinker
R-024 Paragon’s Shield
R-025 Technomantic Attractor
R-026 Dragonsbreath
R-027 Karrudan’s Bow
R-029 Magestone Shield
R-031 Assassin
R-036 Snow's Fuser Rifle
R-046 Monk's Blade
R-055 Blade of Shadows
R-056 Cursed Betrayer
R-057 Giant's Wrath
R-058 Mask of Mysteries
R-064 Rage Hammer
R-065 Dragonplate
R-067 Smoke
R-068 Inferno
R-073 Fang Shield
R-074 Relicbreaker
R-075 Magestone Armor
R-080 Spirit Armor
R-082 * Obsidian Lance
R-086* Agony
R-111 * Shadowplate of the Realms
R-112* Hammer of the Realms
R-116 Madness Totem
R-117 Bloodhook
R-129* Shield of the Soulcat


RS-001 Principles of Technology
RS-002 Encyclopedia of Skulls
RS-003* Leaves of Learning
RS-004* Tome of Brass
RS-005 Tome of Wierding
RS-006 Mysteries of the Scale
RS-007 Tome of Hope
RS-008* Scarlet Grimoire
RS-009 Book of Blood
RS-010 Delphana Primer
RS-011 Book of Life
RS-013 Path of Darkness
RS-014 Book of Mist
RS-015 Codex of Light
RS-016 Teachings of the True Way
RS-017 Book of Gates
RS-018 Obsidian Codex


I-001 Potion of Vitality
I-002 Scroll of Storms
I-003 Bracers of the Archer
I-004 Wand of Fencing
I-005 Cloak of Vipers
I-006 Potion of Water Breathing
I-007 Scroll of Invocation
I-008 Bracers of the Ranger
I-010 Cloak of Shadow
I-011 Ghostly Elixir
I-012 Scroll of Shielding
I-013 Magestone Bracers
I-014 Wand of the Pixie
I-015 Cloak of the Martyr
I-016 Potion of Dueling
I-017 Scroll of the Grave
I-018 Bracers of the Giant
I-019 Wand of Reanimation
I-020 Cloak of the Dervish
IS-001 Apprentice Folio


S-001 Fleet of Foot
S-002 Centaur’s Gait
S-003 Shadow of the Assassin
S-005 Guardian’s Eye
S-006 Archer’s Aim
S-007 Mystic Lock
S-009 Technomantic Burst
S-011* Will o’ the Wisp
S-012* Intimidation
S-013* Voice of Glory
S-015 Raven’s Tongue
S-017 Rite of the Bleak Horn
S-018* Disenchant
S-021 Mechanoid
S-022 Technomantic Overload
S-023 Implant Channel
S-024 Arcane Sight
S-025 Technomantic Recall
S-027 Magestone Arc
S-028* Technomantic Shield
S-029 Technomantic Circle
S-030 Deny
S-031 Lightning Palm
S-034 Disbelieve
S-036 Word of Levitation
S-037 Arc Lightning
S-038 Death Throes
S-040 Swarm of the Damned
S-045 Circle of Blood
S-048 Sacrificial Incantation
S-049* Chinook
S-052 Explode Undead
S-056 Wild Hunt
S-058 Rain of Thorns
S-059* Windstorm
S-062 Circle of Leaves
S-063 Ward of Light
S-065 Auraheal
S-066 Call Familiar
S-067 Wolf's Kin
S-068 Forrest Alliance
S-069 Dragonflame
S-070 Wyrm Strike
S-074 Forge Relic
S-075 Rythael’s Hammer
S-077 Word of Refusal
S-078 Heiramman Host
S-079 Ley Tap
S-080 Level Battlefield
S-081 Flame of the Dragon’s Heart
S-083 Hunter’s Luck
S-087 Mind of the Magus
S-088 Spiritbind
S-089 Form Construct
S-090 Stonewarp

Adventure Cards/Abenteuerkarten

AC-001* Dragon Slayers
AC-002 Troupe Vigilant
AC-007 Order of the Crescent Sword
AC-009 Ribaya Ghosts
AC-010 Deathseekers

ALLE angebotenen Karten befinden sich in einem MINT/NEAR MINT Zustand.
PM an mich für Preise.

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